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Portuguese Restaurant Week - USA

Organized by YES
event type Exhibition
location United States
time 2021/06/22 11:00 To: 2021/06/28 14:00
Portuguese Restaurant Week, Portuguese Eats & Drinks Week is an initiative to raise awareness to Portuguese Restaurants, Chefs, Caterers and Businesses. This exciting campaign helps boost the local economy and increases traffic to Portuguese Eateries throughout the USA.Any questions or ...

Mariza - Toronto ON

Organized by YES
event type Concert
location Ontario, Canada
time 2022/01/27 20:00
Portugal’s reigning fado queen – heiress to Amália Rodrigues – Mariza has mastered the roots of her musical culture and opened her music to the world without losing her heartfelt Portuguese identity. “The Portuguese star dispels the idea that fado is gloomy with a set that mixe[s] passion with ...