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Marta Pereira da Costa - Savannah GA

event type Concert
Georgia, United States
2020/03/28 17:30

Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, fado (“destiny” or “fate”) just might be Portugal’s most successful cultural export.

Marta Pereira da Costa, the world’s first and only professional female Portuguese fado guitar player, is quickly becoming an ambassador of Portugal’s most iconic musical tradition.

The Portuguese guitar is very associated with fado music, and Marta, not forgetting the roots and tradition, risked new sounds and sought to give voice, her voice, to this instrument, as a solo instrument of a musical project that goes throughout the world of Jazz, World Music, and Portuguese Music.

In 2014 She was distinguished by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation (named after the world-renowned “Queen of Fado”) with the prestigious "Instrumentalist Award."

In March of 2019, Marta took her Portuguese guitar project to US for the first time, playing eight concerts at six full venues, traveling 16000km coast to coast, visiting the cities of San Jose, Washington DC, Austin, New York City, and finally Fall River, MA.

Marta sold out renowned venues such as Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, and South by Southwest, where she presented her latest album. This was the first time the American public reached for the Portuguese guitar played live by a woman.

Marta Pereira da Costa - Savannah GA

Location: Savannah Music Festival, 200 E Saint Julian Street #601, Savannah, GA

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